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News & Updates at Shining Massage & Facial Clinic

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Newly Renovated Rooms & Equipment

Did you recognize our recent updates when you came in? The new flooring at the reception area makes the space look brighter and more inviting. The walls of each room are now extended to the ceilings, which makes each room more private and quiet. Each room is also equipped with a towel and hot stone warmer, which helps our therapists deliver even more smooth and exceptional services. Our super soft and cozy blankets will make you feel at home.

We are striving to help our guests refresh, rejuvenate, and continue to grow healthier wherever they go. If you haven't seen our new changes recently, come check us out!

New Staff and More Availabilities for Couple Massages

Shining Massage & Facial Clinic is delighted to welcome Melody and Suzy to join our team. They are licensed massage therapists and have over 10 years of massage experience. They will create an excellent experience for our guests through their friendly and helpful attitude. If you don't know what type of massage you like, they will help design specific sessions based on your needs.

Sessions are booked up quickly, so please be sure to book early!

Reminder of our Sanitized Work and Environment

We are taking extensive measures and strictly following CDC Guidelines to ensure a completely sanitized work and environment for all our employees and guests.

  • Workrooms will be sanitized between each guest

  • We will remove and replace all sheets and covers. Clean replacements are stored in the cabinetry in each room

  • Our employees will have face covering while performing all services

We do ask all our guests to please be prepared and adhere to the following during our reopening:

  • Please utilize the various 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer in our store

  • Mask available if desired

  • Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time

  • Reminder of Cancellation Policy – If you are unable to hold your reservation please call or text 941-877-6688 with 24 hrs notice

We can't wait to see you again soon. If you need an appointment, we are just one call away.

Call 941-877-6688 or visit to schedule your appointment.

Give a gift of wellness by sending an e-certificate (

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