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8 Reasons to Get a Monthly Facial

Your skin is the body’s largest organ. It protects, nourishes, and must adapt to internal and external environments continuously. Did you know that one out of every twenty adult women, and one out of every hundred adult men have adult acne? Here is another shocking reality: As you age, your face shrinks just like the rest of you. That’s why many find the benefits of a monthly facial an essential part of their routine.

While facials are luxurious, they aren’t just for luxury. Getting a monthly facial can help your physical and mental health in many ways and of course, give you that brilliant shine and glow. Let’s go into just some of the benefits of facials.

1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Do you know there are hundreds of different pressure points in just your face? Yep, that’s right. When you get regular facials these pressure points are massaged, helping alleviate and stress and anxiety you might be experiencing. Not only are you going to have cleaner, healthier skin but you will feel rejuvenated, refreshed, relaxed, and ready to face whatever your schedule holds.

2. Helps Fight Acne

Acne is a skin condition caused by hair follicles that become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. While that sounds simple enough, many people suffer from acne and struggle just to manage it, much less get rid of it. Although facials for acne are not a cure, they certainly help our patients avoid further scarring. Facials also help minimize the appearance of acne, and at times facials can significantly reduce acne.

The key to using facials to manage acne is to have consistent treatments. We recommend you schedule a consultation visit and from there we can get a good plan and schedule in place.

3. Offers Hydration

H2o hydrates our body and our skin. “Hydrate and protect” is the mantra of most estheticians. Even if you are taking in enough water internally, your facial skin can still be dehydrated from the weather or from sun and wind exposure. Many people wash their face with hot water, which will eventually damage the skin and deprive it of moisture. It is almost impossible to over-moisturize, yet most people don’t hydrate enough.

6. Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Aging happens, but it does not have to be so dramatic. Facial massage stimulates collagen growth, which in turn prevents the effects of aging. Our AGE Smart® Treatment is an exquisite opportunity and makes your skin luminescent.

7. Maintains Your Glow

It’s amazing how quickly the skin on our face can deteriorate or succumb to damage and dehydration. Getting a regular facial keeps your skin hydrated, protected, and glowing with youth. This is especially helpful in a world of selfies and social media photo ops. Allow your best self, and best skin, to be your everyday look.

8. Exfoliates

Teenagers turn over skin cells every 20 – 24 days, but those in their fifties only do so every 45 – 80 days. Regular facials will help you exfoliate the delicate skin on your face. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, increases blood circulation, and leaves your face feeling clean and new.

Schedule a monthly facial to keep your skin healthy today. Facials are an important part of your health and wellness regimen. You can schedule your facials six months to a year ahead of time if you need to, so that you don’t miss out on being able to get into your preferred time slot.


Clients often ask when they should set up their next facial, ideally, it would be every 4 weeks however 5-6 weeks is great too. If you can't remember the last time you had a facial treatment now is the time. Call 941-877-6688 or visit to schedule your appointment.

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