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To Relax, Get Waxed: Why Waxing Should be on Your List this Summer

Are you tired of shaving again and again? Well, perhaps it’s time you embrace waxing with all the good and the bad. You probably already know all the bad and the ugly about it, but we’re here to tell you there’s no hair removal method better than waxing!

Sure, it’ll hurt a little but as someone wise once said, there’s no gain without pain. Make this summer nice and comfortable with the countless benefits of waxing! Here are some to bring you onboard:

Reduce Hair Re-growth

You can ask anybody who’s been getting their body waxed and they'll tell you, waxing reduces hair re-growth significantly. That’s because it removes hair all the way from the root, leaving your skin much smoother than other hair removal methods. It takes around four weeks for the hair follicle to recover and re-grow. Shaving, on the other hand, only removes hair from the surface.

Finer and Sparser Hair

Waxing removes the hair from the root, which means that with continued waxing sessions, the hair becomes weaker overtime. As a result, hair that grows after waxing is finer and sparser. That said it’s important to understand that a lot of your hair’s characteristics are affected by genetics as well—hair coarseness, growth rate, colour, etc. This means it might take a few waxing sessions before you start noticing visible changes.

Reduced Ingrown Hair

We all know the discomfort caused by ingrown hair post-shaving, and we all hate it! The good news is, waxing will free you from all such worries. Ingrown hairs are not going to be a problem anymore, as long as you’re using the correct waxing technique—to quickly pull against the direction of hair growth while holding the skin taut. However, ingrown hair can be a factor in all hair removal treatments but tips like exfoliation and moisturizing can help against this annoying problem.

No More Itching and Prickliness

Because the hair is completely removed from the root, it takes a long time before the hair grows back. This means that waxing gives you a longer period of smooth and comfy feeling. Not to mention, the itchiness and prickly feeling is far worse after shaving because the razor shaves off the hair in an angle. This is also why the hair comes out thicker, and darker.

Get smooth and silky skin with Shining Massage & Facial Clinic! Our expert therapists use hot, warm and crème wax to get rid of all unwanted hair and to give your skin a luxurious feel. Learn more about our waxing service on the website and book your appointment now!

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